Cummings Arts Center hosts Towards A New Reality, a co-operative installation of works by Gregory Bailey and Timothy McDowell. Both artists are faculty at Connecticut College.

Towards A New Reality consists of individual responses to the increasingly ominous data and subsequent scientific warnings of the environmental situation underway on our planet. This exhibition is in reaction to the ever-present, daily discourse on rising temperatures, rising oceans, rising CO2 levels, and dangerous climatic changes that seems to have us spiraling towards a new reality. Bailey and McDowell’s artwork, which consists of sculpture, dioramas, prints and paintings, does not resonate as conspicuously political although the work embraces an opinion that global warming is real. It is instead, a more sublime body of work created as a means of coping through the situation with the making of images and objects that attempt to provide real or imagined solutions, depictions of an uncertain future and nature in defiance of human control. Frustration with the lack of global urgency weighing against the insignificance of individual effort confirms the only personal voice of recourse sometimes is that of making art.

Towards A New Reality, January- February, 2014 at the Cummings Arts Center Galleries, Connecticut College, New London, CT.
39 Reyquinn Street,
New London. CT 06320
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